Q5 - Comfort, Protection and Floormats

Audi Q5 Rubber Floor Mats

The rubber floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the floor of your Q5 and are made from a pollutant-free rubber compound. With Q5 logo.
The non-slip raised pattern on the back and the fastening points provided in the floor ensure that the mats are held securely in place.

Audi Q5 Textile Floor Mats

The premium textile floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the floor of your Audi Q5 and are made from hard-wearing, densely woven soul-coloured velour with a silver-grey lettering (front textile floor mats only) and silver-grey nubuck edging. The non-slip tufted backing and the fastening points in the floor ensure the mats are held securely in place.
Not for: SQ5 and Q5 Hybrid.

Audi Boot Liner

Tailored protection for the luggage compartment of your Audi Q5; washable and robust. The foam line prevents items from sliding around in the luggage compartment. The liner does not reduce the volume of the luggage compartment and provides considerable protection against wet and dirt.
Not for: Q5 Hybrid. Suitable for models up to 2017.

Audi Q5 Boot Liner Tray

Practical foundation for transported loads: The high-edged boot insert is extremely robust and easy to clean thanks to its smooth plastic surface. Wide grooves prevent loads from slipping.
Colour: black

Not for Q5 hybrid.

Audi Reversible Mat with Bumper Protection

It keeps the luggage compartment of your Q5 clean. Velour on one side, rubber coated on the other. With unfoldable protective film protecting the edge of the luggage compartment and the bumper from wear and scuffs.

Audi Rear Bumper Protection Film

The exact-fit loading sill protection made from transparent film offers greater protection for the bumper against damage when loading and unloading the luggage compartment of your Audi Q5.

Colour: transparent. Not for: SQ5.

Audi Q5 Mud Flaps

The exact-fit mud flaps are hard-wearing and durable. They protect the underbody and the vehicle from heavy soiling. In addition, stone impacts are reduced and spray water minimised.

Not for: RS and S models, not for S line exterior package.
Price indicated consists of a set of two items.

Please consult your Audi dealer in relation to fitting.

Audi Q5 Sun Protection Sytem

The high-quality sunblind systems from Audi Genuine Accessories offer almost complete protection against direct sunlight for side and rear windows to effectively reduce heating of the vehicle interior. A sturdy frame structure made from bent spring steel holds the fabric made from 100% polyester taut, even when the side window is opened.

Materials: Wire frame made from spring steel, mount made from hardened sheet steel and coated with black paint.
Fabric: Punched fabric made from 100% polyester, covered frame coated in black EPDM.

Audi Wheel Lock Nuts

Protects high-quality aluminium wheel rims from theft. M14 x 1.5 x 27 wheel bolts with rotation ring and code key.
One set includes 4 wheel bolts.

Audi Q5 Partition Grille

Protects and divides the luggage compartment from the passenger cabin.

Audi Rear Seat Protective Cover

All-round protection for rear seat bench and backrest, side panels and rear doors. Especially suitable for the transportation of dogs. Waterproof and washable. Hard wearing surface, coated underside. With closable slits for seat belts.

Dimensions: 820x310x110

Audi Luggage Compartment Divider

The universal luggage compartment divider permits flexible subdivision of the luggage compartment. The divider is secured using a Velcro attachment on the carpet floor covering and printed with Audi rings.

The universal luggage compartment divider can only be used with luggage compartment coverings made from needled fleece/dilours. Must not be used for fastening heavy objects in the luggage compartment.

Collapsible Boot Box with Audi Rings

Made from black polyester, the boot box can hold up to 32 litres. Easy assembly using Velcro strips, it makes carrying loose items all the more practical. Washable and easy to clean.

Audi Cooler Bag

With connecting cable suitable for a 12 Volt socket. Plastic interior with 12 litre capacity. Practical thanks to adjustable carrying strap. Cools approximately 20 degrees (C) below ambient temperature.

Images are for display purposes only. Prices correct as of February 2019 but subject to change. Based on availability. Prices include VAT at 23% and do not include fitting. For any queries in relation to Audi Genuine Accessories, please contact shop@audi.ie