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Audi Rear Seat Protective Cover

All-round protection for rear seat bench and backrest, side panels and rear doors.

Especially suitable for the transportation of dogs.

Waterproof and washable. Hard wearing surface, coated underside. With closable slits for seat belts.

Dimensions: 820x310x110

Audi Dog Safety Harness

The dog harness is compatible with all Audi models and is secured using the seat belt anchoring points.
Easily removable and resecured for the rear seat.

Sizes Available:
- Small: for dogs such as dachshund or Maltese terrier.
- Medium: for dogs such as Cocker Spaniel or Beagle.
- Large: for dogs such as Doberman or Alsatian.
- Large: for very large dogs, such as a Newfoundland or Great Dane.

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