General Accessories - Care Products

2-in-1 Display Cleaner

Cleaning fluid and a microfibre sleeve assure a residueles surface free of dirt and annoying fingerprints.

Also suitable for use on all touch screen devices (iPhones etc.)

Cleaning Cloth For Touch Displays

High-quality cleaning cloth for touch displays and other high-gloss surfaces on the interior of the vehicle. cleans thoroughly leaving no residues. Colour: Audi aluminium silver with Audi logo; dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm: material: 70% polyester, 30% polyamide

Audi Windscreen Washer Fluid

Finished mixture for the windscreen washer system with fresh fragrance.

Reduced dazzling effect and effectively removes insect remains.

- Ready to use mixture: 3 Litre canister

Audi Rim Cleaner Set

- 1 wheel cleaning gel (500 ml),
- 1 polymer wax polish (50 ml),
- 1 brush (with sponge head)
- 1 microfibre polishing cloth.

Audi Cockpit Care Solution

Cleans and rejuvenates colours on plastic components such as the dash panel, gear lever and interior trim.
Leaves behind a silky matt finish.
With anti-static properties and UV protection.

Quantity: 300 ml

Audi Rim Cleaner - Gel

Wheel cleaning gel is a concentrated cleaning product that quickly softens and removes dirt such as brake dust, pigment contamination, etc.

Quantity: 500ml

Audi Care Products Bag

Audi Care product bag includes:
- 1 active foam cleaner (300 ml),
- 1 insect remover (300 ml),
- 1 antifreeze (500 ml),
- 1 intensive plastic care (250 ml),
- 1 polymer wax polish (250 ml),
- 1 glass polish (50 ml),
- 1 microfibre cloth, grey,
- 1 microfibre cloth, white,
- 1 insect sponge, 1 sponge.

Audi Polymer Wax Polish

Cleans and protects in a single step.

For hand-washing paint with water-repelling effect and temporary gloss finish. With oil replenishment components.
Effectively seals micro-paintwork damage. Suitable as a wheel rim wax and a polish for xenon lamp glass.

Quantity: 250ml

Audi Leather Care Kit

- 1 leather cleaner (150 ml),
- 1 care cream (150 ml),
- 1 sponge,
- 1 fleece cloth, white.

For effective and gentle cleaning and treatment of smooth leather.

Audi Sponge Care Kit

- 1 insect removal sponge,
- 1 universal sponge,
- 1 car sponge,
- 1 window cloth.

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