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Audi Traffic Dash Camera

Audi Traffic Dash Camera

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Whether you’re driving along, or you’ve parked your car – the Universal Traffic Recorder can detect the cause of damage to your Audi and in some cases, can assist with reductions to your insurance premium based on your insurer’s approval. It is also equipped with a car finder, for those occasions when you can’t find your car in the busy car park! In addition, the Universal Traffic Recorder also documents your journey; capturing beautiful landscapes along the way, and you can share this content with friends.

How Does it Work?
The Universal Traffic Recorder uses a two-channel surveillance system for front and rear (if rear is fitted) that can be controlled via a Smartphone app for Live Viewing, Data Management, and setting adjustments. There are two products: 1) the front camera only and 2) the front and rear cameras together.

The Modes
The Universal Traffic Recorder has three different modes. Each features different functionalities tailored to different driving and parking situations that you may find yourself in.

Standard Mode
Normal mode for Recording
The recording starts when the engine is turned on, and stops when the engine is turned off
Ring buffer, which means when the storage inside the recorder is full, it will delete the oldest data to make space for the new data recordings (this function is across all three modes)
The data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Event or Parking modes

Event Mode
• Impact triggered recording
• If the acceleration sensor exceeds its threshold, the recorder will immediately begin recording the relevant data
• Sensitivity of the acceleration sensor can be adjusted via the Smartphone App
• Separate files are saved with a pre-defined length
• Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Standard or Parking modes

Parking Mode
• Radar based recording
• Record mode starts when the engine is turned off
• The recorder remains in standby until movement is detected by the radar sensor, then the recording will start
• Sensitivity of the radar sensor can be adjusted via the Smartphone App
• Over 72 hours of Standby mode is possible
• Separate files are saved with a pre-defined length
• Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by the Standard or Event modes

The Smartphone App
The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, designed specifically for the Recorder, and is available free of charge from the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.
The capabilities of the App include live viewing, data management, car finder plus adjustments to sensors. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot within the recorder allows for seamless transmission of data.

When purchasing, please select if you wish to purchase the front only, or front and rear cameras. Fitting is not included but can be arranged by an Audi authorised repairer. We strongly recommend having this product fitted at an Audi dealership.

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