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Audi Traffic Dash Camera

Whether you’re driving along, or you’ve parked your car - the Universal Traffic Recorder can detect the cause of damage to your Audi and in some cases, can assist with reductions to your insurance premium based on your insurer’s approval. It is also equipped with a car finder, for those occasions when you can’t find your car in the busy car park! In addition, the Universal Traffic Recorder also documents your journey; capturing beautiful landscapes along the way, and you can share this content with friends.

How Does it Work?
The Universal Traffic Recorder uses a two-channel surveillance system for front and rear (if rear is fitted) that can be controlled via a Smartphone app for Live Viewing, Data Management, and setting adjustments. There are two products: 1) the front camera only and 2) the front and rear cameras together.

The Modes
The Universal Traffic Recorder has three different modes. Each features different functionalities tailored to different driving and parking situations that you may find yourself in.

Standard Mode
- Normal mode for Recording
- The recording starts when the engine is turned on, and stops when the engine is turned off
- Ring buffer, which means when the storage inside the recorder is full, it will delete the oldest data to make space for the new data recordings (this function is across all three modes)
- The data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Event or Parking modes

Event Mode
• Impact triggered recording
• If the acceleration sensor exceeds its threshold, the recorder will immediately begin recording the relevant data
• Sensitivity of the acceleration sensor can be adjusted via the Smartphone App
• Separate files are saved with a pre-defined length
• Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by Standard or Parking modes

Parking Mode
• Radar based recording
• Record mode starts when the engine is turned off
• The recorder remains in standby until movement is detected by the radar sensor, then the recording will start
• Sensitivity of the radar sensor can be adjusted via the Smartphone App
• Over 72 hours of Standby mode is possible
• Separate files are saved with a pre-defined length
• Data is stored on an SD card and will not be overwritten by the Standard or Event modes

The Smartphone App
The Audi Universal Traffic Recorder has a user-friendly and intuitive interface, designed specifically for the Recorder, and is available free of charge from the Apple AppStore and GooglePlay.
The capabilities of the App include live viewing, data management, car finder plus adjustments to sensors. A built-in Wi-Fi hotspot within the recorder allows for seamless transmission of data.

When purchasing, please select if you wish to purchase the front only, or front and rear cameras. Fitting is not included but can be arranged by an Audi authorised repairer. We strongly recommend having this product fitted at an Audi dealership.

Audi Wireless Charging Covers

- Cable-free charging
- Usable on all qi-wireless charging stations
- Light, grippy and with a high-quality appealing housing which protects the mobile phone from small knocks and scratches
- Easily removable qi receiver clip to make possible alternative charging and synchronisation via a lightning cable
- Very precise recesses for all accesses, loudspeakers, sensors and cameras to guarantee an integration of accesses and functions
- Wireless charging of mobile phone according to qi-standard, thus no wear at phone sockets and/or contacts
- Mobile phone socket is protected against soiling
- Apple MFi certified

Available for:
-iPhone 5/5S/SE
-iPhone 6/6S
-iPhone 7

Compatibility: All Vehicles with Audi Phone Box with Wireless Charging and the Audi Wireless Charging Pad.

Audi Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad enables cable-free charging of all Qi-compatible smart devices

Slim and compact design

Qi certified (Standard for wireless charging)

Non-slip ground for safe standing

Blue LED indicates charging

Easy charging: Charging of the mobile phone not only in the car, also at home

Simply use a USB power adapter characteristically for your country and connect the USB cable with the Wireless Charging Pad

- 1x USB Cable
- 1x Charging pad with Audi Rings

For non Qi-compatible mobile phones a Qi-compatible wireless charging cover is necessary (e.g. wireless charging cover for iPhone 6/6s)
To purchase the Audi Wireless Charging Cover for iPhone 6/6s Click Here.

Audi Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluetooth headphones are designed optimally for the human anatomy and are comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. Their outstanding acoustic shielding prevents disruption to others in the vehicle.

The Bluetooth headphones can also be used in combination with:
- The Audi Entertainment mobile
- Rear seat entertainment system
- Apple products.

Items supplied:
- Headphones
- Storage bag with Audi logo
- Rechargeable batteries
- Operating instructions

Audi Beam

Audi Beam LED Entry Lights replace the existing lights in the door and project a high quality beam of LED light on to the ground when the door is open.

Comes as set of two for the left and right door.

For vehicles with Interior Lighting Pack or door puddle lamps (pictured).

Available in:
- the four rings
- the quattro logo.

quattro Decal Set

Decal set for both left and right with the iconic quattro emblem.

Available in:
- Brilliant black
- Ice silver.

Audi Wheel Lock Nuts

Protects high-quality aluminium wheel rims from theft.

M14 x 1.5 x 27 wheel bolts with rotation ring and code key.

One set includes 4 wheel bolts.

Wheel Lock Nuts -1- do not fit:
- S1, S4/RS4, S5/RS5 Cabriolet, S6/RS6, A8/S8, Q3, Q5 and Q7.

Audi L.E.D. Number Plate Lights

The Audi L.E.D. Number Plate Bulbs are a direct replacement for the current halogen bulbs.

The L.E.D.'s offer a brighter and more intense white light which will not fade or discolour over time, whilst also redefining the rear end look of your Audi.

The kit comes with the necessary adaptors and fitment items.

To fit Audi:
- A4, A5 and Q5 from 2008+
- (including S4, S5 and RS5)

Valve Caps with Audi Logo

Audi design valve caps represent individualisation right down to the smallest detail.

Each set includes 4 valve caps.

Also available for tyres with tyre pressure monitoring.

Audi Sport Number Plate Holder

Add to your Audi's sportiness and sophistication - the Audi Sport number plate holder.

Price indicated is for one item.

Audi Gecko Air Freshener

The gecko air freshener fits quickly onto the ribs of the air vent and provides a fragrance in the vehicle for approx. 60 days.

Available in four fragrances and colours:
- Yellow = Fruity
- Red = Floral
- Grey = Fresh
- Black = Spicy.

Audi Storage Cup

This storage cup is simply inserted into the cup holder of the centre console.

The inside of the storage cup features separate compartments for small items and for a mobile phone measuring up to 67 mm in width.

Not suitable for iPhone 6.

Audi Ashtray

The high-quality ashtray for the centre console cup holder stands out thanks to its chrome-plated lid complete with Audi logo.

Inside is a cigarette extinguisher.

For use in the following Audi models:
- A3,
- A4,
- A5,
- A6,
- A7,
- Q3,
- TT,
- R8

Audi Roof Box Bag

Roof box bag is perfectly adapted to the original Audi roof boxes.

The bag has practical carrying handles and a waterproof base to protect your transported items - so you can start off your holiday in a relaxed mood!

Colour: black.
Available in sizes: S, M and L.

Audi Luggage Compartment Divider

The universal luggage compartment divider permits flexible subdivision of the luggage compartment.
The divider is secured using a Velcro attachment on the carpet floor covering and printed with Audi rings.

The universal luggage compartment divider can only be used with luggage compartment coverings made from needled fleece/dilours. Must not be used for fastening heavy objects in the luggage compartment.

Audi Cooler Bag

With connecting cable suitable for a 12 Volt socket. Plastic interior with 12 litre capacity.
Practical thanks to adjustable carrying strap.

Cools approximately 20 degrees (C) below ambient temperature.

Collapsible Boot Box with Audi Logo

Made from black polyester, the boot box can hold up to 32 litres.

Easy assembly using Velcro strips, it makes carrying loose items all the more practical.

Washable and easy to clean.

Audi Rear Seat Storage Box

Compact storage with a volume of approximately 12 litres.

Can be secured to the rear seat bench using the standard 3-point belt.

Includes net pocket and pull straps on inside to secure the contents.

Audi Coat Hanger

For coats, sports jackets or other items of clothing.
Attached to the front head restraint.

Audi LED Gooseneck Reading Lamp

The universal swan neck LED reading lamp has a brightness of 20 lumen.
The product features a connector for the cigarette lighter.
The switch is located in the lamp head.

Total length 470 mm.

Audi LED Pen Torch

50g lightweight pen torch made from double anodised aluminium, equipped with a 27-lumen high-performance LED chip.

Contents: Protective cover with carrying strap

Images are for display purposes only. Prices correct as of February 2019 but subject to change. Based on availability. Prices include VAT at 23% and do not include fitting. For any queries in relation to Audi Genuine Accessories, please contact